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Here is where you can share with us all and then we’ll make the post and give credit where credit is due.Please provide as much info on your share such as the synopsis and an image.We only post made for television and foreign films.

NO 4YEO or TM files allowed at all !!!


Again thanks so much for sharing with us all :)

Updated: November 15, 2015 — 11:33 am


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  1. NHK Wildlife – Guardians of the Kelp Forest: Sea Otters
    Monterey Bay has a dense underwater forest of giant kelp – the largest on Earth. This forest of 60-meter long kelp provides an ideal habitat for sea otters. This program follows a family of sea otters living in close harmony with this environment, revealing not only how sea otters thrive amongst the kelp but how they also help protect the kelp in turn. The mother spends all of her time and energy raising her newborn. Her young pup learns how to crack open shellfish by imitating her. She desperately tries to protect her young from a seagull attack. These are just some of the amazing moments captured in this rare and intimate animal family portrait.

  2. Thanks Janna for everything. You all will be missed very very much!

  3. Thank you Janna and all of you for your great work. I will miss you so much!!!

  4. Nooooo!! This site has been amazing, I have been a long time daily user since the old days of JannaJives.

    This site is the best and many thousands appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into sharing and running this community.

    Please don’t let the trolls and haters win, just ignore them! If you are going to let the website expire (which would be travesty), at least stay strong until the end, please don’t give up on the community that relies on the kindness of the lovely people that make this site what it is…

    Peace and love to all… x

  5. Many thanks for everything, janna, sam, azimuth and others. Here, I discovered a lot of foreigner series, never heard of them before. I’m sad the game is over.
    Take care !

  6. Many thanks for everything, janna, sam, azimuth and others. Here, I discovered a lot of foreigher series, never heard of them before. I’m sad the game is over.
    Take care !

  7. What will happen to the freeforum site ?

  8. Janna…any chance of bringing back the chatbox…so we can make private contact with some other members?

    Thanks to you all that have given a great deal with no expectation of anything in return …except a show of gratitude and thanks.

  9. Oh No ! My favourite site – and all spoiled by ungrateful tw*ts.
    God Bless You for all the masses of selfless and unpaid work you’ve done and the enjoyment you’ve brought to thousands.
    Hope you have a very happy ‘retirement’.

  10. Janna, what would it take to save this site? Do you need more admins/mods? Content contributors? Money? All of the above? 😉

    There must be another solution? Other than closing the site…?

  11. Ditto everything CS wrote above. I’ve always so appreciated this site and the hard work you and your team have devoted to sharing great shows with us.

    I’m very sad this day has come.

    All the best,

  12. I’m very sad as well & feel terrible that people have driven you & your staff away. You are all very much appreciated.

  13. So very sorry. I have enjoyed your different sites for quite awhile and will miss them very much. Thanks for all you have given us!!!!

  14. I wish I could express myself well enough to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done, Janna, and for so many years. I liked watching the chat, even if I rarely participated. My gratitude too to SamT, Poke, Azimuth, Anonymous, OM (yes her too), Matt and everyone else who took the astoundingly long time and effort to upload what they may not even watch. And a final goodbye to our angel Hector.

  15. A million thanks to Janna, Matt, Azimuth, Sam & all the other generous contributors who’ve really made this site so incredible!!!

    Hope all the posters will fill us in where we can find their good work, but it still won’t be this super site!!

    So long, & thanks for all the posts!

  16. I am not sure if I can put this in the right words. My kids get their dose of ANZ culture through this side. For this I am grateful and I want you do know that the work you have done has changed people’s lives. Ignore the haters, they aren’t worth the bits and bytes in the fiber.
    Where else would I get Orange Roughies? Or the Block NZ? Or the Weissensee Saga?
    So my thanks and gratitude go out to all of you, Jana, SamT, Poke, Azimuth and Anonymous. And Hector of course. It has now been a year. Again, thanks and I hope you will reconsider.

  17. Simply THANK YOU and all the best

  18. OMG! I can’t believe you are closing down! This has been a great site. This is the easiest site to navigate and has everything I have ever needed!
    Would requiring registration help? That way you could maybe get rid of the troublemakers?

  19. Should make the site private and kick off any of those that hand you BS. I left mine in January and then closed it in March. And you have a ton more help than I did.

    Will certainly miss Azimuth’s posts. Def love the French and other foreign shows. Maybe they will show up elsewhere.


  20. I’ve only recently found you, signed up but didn’t say anything. Not been here long enough to know anything except that it’s obvious how much love has gone into this place. Is your heart really not into this any more… or is your heart just fed up with having to deal with mindless arseholes?

    I’m with CS… there must surely be the possibility of a remedy and another way forward that can exclude the shit-fer-brains. I hope so anyway.

  21. So sad, so very sad. Another site destroyed by having a shoutbox on the front page. Every site I have seen that has a shoutbox on the front page and not behind in a registration required forum – although even that caused problems for the old OneDDL – was ruined by spoiled children with delusions of importance making insults against those offering their efforts on our behalf – for free.

    Thank you Janna for introducing me to UK satire shows and through Hector, Aus satire. I appreciate everything you have done for us over the years and although I wont see you on warez (no FF links) I’ve already registered on VV and I hope they start getting active.

  22. Im going to miss this site so much. Please let this be a bad dream instead 🙁

  23. To Janna and other posters – Many, many thanks for all you’ve done; it’s a shame that you’ve been dispirited by ungrateful people who don’t seem to realize they have no right to whine and complain about media they are getting free through others’ efforts. Perhaps the chat/cbox features on blogs encourage wankers to express themselves too freely. I hope you’ll reconsider.

  24. I’ve met so many wonderful and helpful people here… I hope that come August, somehow Janna, you’ll change your mind. But if not, to Janna and all friends here, thank-you !! I know our paths will cross again in another online place… and always with a smile 🙂 xoxo grrl

  25. Is there another site where we can find foreign shows

  26. It’s a shame that a few spoil it for the majority. You and the uploaders/translators have done an amazing job, and offered many of us the opportunity to watch shows that wouldn’t normally be available to us. This site will be sorely missed. Good fortune to you all, and a deeply felt thank you to all.

  27. I will miss you, Janna, and all the others that made this site. I been here, quiet, respectful, thankful since docs. I wish you luck and happiness free of the tw*[insert letter of your choice here] ts and ungrateful whatevers.

  28. Thanks for everything all of you. It has been a great ride many great shows, you will be miss

  29. I am quite shocked that this site is not going to be here any more. Such a lot of people who have worked so hard to keep this site going … and be one of the best. Wonderfully organised, and very reliable. Unfortunately I sensed that all was not so good when I wanted to make a small donation and it was reimbursed twice because some people had reported to Paypal that money would be coming in for the site. Unfortunately there are so many people out there who obviously don’t have an own life and are just there to interfere with others that try to do good, put a lot of time in order to help and support others like Janna and her whole crew.
    I think there must be a way, like CS suggests, to go on!?
    If this is possible – WONDERFUL… if not, then I would like to send a HUGE Thank You to Janna and all the other people around her who made this group so great.

  30. I never knew the workings of this site and Janna, but i do know this is my favorite and go-to site. who has time to talk bs on here with all this great content. you will be missed.. more than you know.

  31. Please dont go !!!

  32. Where are we going to get all those great shows 19-2, Gomorrah, Mafiosa etc now? Where is Azimuth posting? We have just got hooked on Mafiosa.

  33. Thanks, Janna, and all the other contributors!!

    I know this is a huge amount of work and I can’t imagine people not being appreciative.

    Hope there will be a way to keep this site going!

    1. you can still access chat here:

  34. thanks jl

    Just setting up new Dell and win 10…I like win 7 as it does everything for me.

  35. Bolt is back up.

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