Secret City – Episode 1+2 – A Donation To The Struggle / The Watchers

Image Secret City – Episode 1+2 – A Donation To The Struggle / The Watchers
many thx to ReggieRocket :)
Political journalist Harriet Dunkley sees the gutted body of a young man washed up on the lakeshore she suspects a conspiracy and determines that, whatever the personal or professional cost, she must pursue a story that could overturn everything Australians believe about our Government and our place in the world. 95min – 250MB

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  1. Thank you ReggieRocket for sourcing this. Some of the recent Australian crime/thrillers – like Janet King – have been exceptional.

  2. Mega Mega thanks

  3. Secret City.S01E01E02.avi…ylwale5hkt.html

  4. Sam (Not The Original One)

    To All:
    I returned this morning to look for this program and, quite astonishingly and quite horribly, saw the news of the impending ‘Closure’ of the ‘Wandering Souls’ website.
    We are so sorry and so dismayed the ungrateful and the agitators have, it seems, worn out all of the good, kind and generous people (such as Janna, Matt, Sam, Azimuth and others) who always made this destination so unique and so welcoming and who always offered the most interesting and diverse selection of programs.
    More than any other website, ‘Wandering Souls’ (and its previous incarnations) turned us on to so many programs from so many countries that we would not otherwise have discovered. ‘Wandering Souls’ disappearance will leave a large, cultural void in our ability to get smart, informed recommendations from smart, informed people about smart, entertaining programs that would simply never otherwise have been able to be on our radar for consideration.
    ‘Wandering Souls’ was always the most comfortable online library with the most knowledgeable librarians and that legacy of kindness and generosity will survive even though the website itself will, most sadly, not.

    Thank You For Everything Over All Of The Years.
    Best Of Luck Always To Everyone.

    1. I second what Sam (not the original one) said. It really is ashame that the ungrateful cause so much BS to drive wonderful people like Janna and company out of business. This has been a great site and has opened up such a diverse world for us all.

      Thanks everyone, Wandering Souls will always have a special place.

  5. I’m so sorry all this has happened Janna. You have enriched my life with all the wonderful TV shows you have enabled me to watch over the years at TVFreeload and Wandering Souls. Thank you so much. I hope the future is a very happy one for you.
    Lots of Love
    David N. Pepperell, Melbourne, Australia

  6. Very sad news. I relied on this site for most of my shows. It sucks that there are whiny jerks out there that want to ruin it for everyone. Thanks to EVERYONE who has made this such a great place to come over the years.

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