A Midsummer Nights Dream 1935 DVDRip x264-NoGRP

A Midsummer Nights Dream 1935 DVDRip x264-NoGRP

Theseus, Duke of Athens, is going to marry Hyppolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Demetrius is engaged with Hermia, but Hermia loves Lysander. Helena loves Demetrius. Oberon and Titania, of the kingdom of fairies have a slight quarrel about whether or not the boy Titania is raising will join Titania’s band or Oberon’s, so Oberon tries to get him from her by using some magic. But they’re not alone in that forest.Lysander and Hermina have there a rendezvous, Helena and Demetrius are there, too as well as some actors, who are practicing a play for the ongoing wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta. Due to some misunderstandings by Puck, the whole thing becomes a little bit confused…

130min | MP4 | 1.6 GB | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance


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  1. Wow!! What a great bonus share, Thank You!!

  2. This is going to be interesting to watch. Thank you very much.

  3. Thanks so much for this.

    (I also sent thanks for all the Jeopardy!s and the Neil Gaiman series via the new chat box – but those thoughts got wiped in the storm yesterday.)

    BTW, I must be an elephant, because I never forget 😉

    1. YQW, sorry to hear of your weight problem, but we except all here man or elephant alike 🙂

  4. BTW – I was scrambling to find a full length version elsewhere (IMDB says, unedited it runs 142 minutes, with Overture and Exit music) but, as it turns out this file DOES run 2:23 and not the 2:10 (130 minutes) as advertised. This is the reel (Fe) deal.

    Thanks again.

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