“The Russian Woodpecker”


“The Russian Woodpecker”

many thx to Lamme and AndyWiz :)

The film The Russian Woodpecker, a new documentary film about a secret Soviet antenna and a Ukrainian man [Fedor Alexandrovitch] who must decide whether to risk his life by revealing the secrets he uncovers, has won the World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival!

The movie storyline reads that: while researching a secret Soviet antenna at Chernobyl, which interrupted global radio communications from 1976 – 1989, Fedor Alexandrovich uncovers a dark conspiracy. The scientists and military men dismiss his warnings that Russia is behind a massive cover-up and he descends into a nightmare where he battles the antenna on his own terms. When he is invited to address the crowds in Kyiv’s [Maidan] Revolution Square during the height of the protests, he fears that powerful men may kill him if he speaks out.





November 18, 2015 at 12:59 am

Much thanks and appreciation to Andywiz for his kindness and generosity in getting the subtitles for me. Andywiz, I can’t thank you enough. I owe you one! *hugs*

Here are the English subtitles thanks to AndyWiz:


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  1. Thanks to Jana, AW and Lamme. I believe this was Russias over the horizon radar, I was told that they had a nuclear power station to run it but turned it off after the fall of the wall as it was too expensive to run.
    Should be an interesting doco.

    1. look up Chernobel 2 , it was linked in with the array.

  2. Thanks to all of you for this!

  3. It amazes me the wonderful things the folks here offer for our enjoyment. This is a fine example. Many thanks to all who make it possible.

  4. Absolutely fascinating ! many thanks Lamme and AndyWiz

  5. Bum, couldnt get subs to work, anyone have any tips?

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