The Last Panthers S01 720p BRRip x264 AAC-LoV

The Last Panthers S01 720p BRRip x264 AAC-LoV

Many Thanks to name for the Share

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  1. Any chance for Filefactory?

  2. Cannot dl these links without a premium account.

  3. appreciate the post but could we please have FF or Mega – can’t download these files otherwise. Thank you

  4. because of the size these really need mega

  5. ep1:

    note: Click the link in the middle. Do not click the “Download now” button, as it tries to install its own downloader with that.

    1. thanks-hugefiles works fine

  6. You rock! Thanks.

  7. thanks A Panther 🙂 for the hugefile links

  8. Thanks to you!

  9. Thanks and thanks again! Watched it in French but so glad to get the English version 🙂

  10. Thanks for the FF links!

  11. Is there subtitles for non English speaking parts

  12. Anyone know what this is about? Documentary? Comedy? Miniseries?

    1. anyone have subs as separate files ? wonderful high res upload this – shame to have to download another version just for subs… super big thanks for posting this – theme song by Bowie / music by Clark from Warp label

  13. a cursory check seems to confirm you can get subs for the french bits here:
    opened in text editor- they are the english subs for the french
    if you can’t wait for Sno edition

  14. So just to confirm,the S01 720p BRRip does not have english subs for French speaking parts ???

  15. Does anyone know where to get a subtitle file for the whole episode? I’m deaf and the Sno one doesn’t have any subtitles for the English parts.

      1. thanks for this link

  16. Is it possible to post MP$ or AVI links for this series. These MKV files will not convert!

  17. Need the rest of the series with hard coded English subs like epi 1 posted by webeye. Please.

  18. This is excellent! Thank you!

  19. So far, only the “sno” releases have decent subtitles in English for both the French and Croatian speaking parts.

    The others have crap English and don’t have the French speaking parts.

  20. Oddly, I was able to find the first two episode subtitles named the same as this release of the videos that appear to be good. I was however, unable to find any others that were good, although the rars had the same release name, the actual .srt was not.
    If anyone can find the remaining 3-6 “real” .srts from this release that would be great.

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